App store optimization – a crucial piece of mobile app marketing

App store optimization – a crucial piece of mobile app marketing

Introduction to App store optimization

App store optimization is the process which helps to optimize mobile apps so that they can have a higher rank in the search of the app’s store. If your app has a higher rank it would be more visible to the customers.  The increase in visibility is very beneficial for you as it means more traffic to your app’s page. There are more than 2 million mobile apps in the app stores and it could be a tough task to make your app visible. If you happen to be in the mobile app world it is important to know the different methods involved in the marketing of your app.

The importance of ASO

The fact is that more than 60% of apps are discovered with the help of searches in the app stores.  Due to this reason search in the app store is considered to be the most popular method as far as discovering and downloading of new apps is concerned. The truth is that if you are not involving ASO for increasing the search ranking of your app you are in fact missing a great opportunity of discovering you app. Ideally you should try to improve your ASO on a weekly basis as this will help you to improve the ranking of your app.

Mechanics of ASO


The keyword plays a very important role in the title. You should select the keyword with the heaviest search traffic. You should search for that particular keyword because if you change your title regularly to include distinct keywords it can be harmful.


You need to know about the right keywords and which are the one that are used regularly by the audience. This would help you to improve your search rankings. Moreover the title and keywords can be modified which means you can optimize them on a regular basis.

Total number of downloads

As far as ASO is concerned you total number of downloads are very important. However the fact is that you cannot control them fully.

Ratings and reviews

These are also important but just like downloads these are also difficult to control. The good thing for you is that there are ways by which you can make your users happy and they can always rate and review.

These are some of the reasons which tell us that app store optimization is an important part of mobile application.







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