How can I use the internet to find the best Burnaby condos for sale?

How can I use the internet to find the best Burnaby condos for sale?

Are you looking for the best Burnaby condos for sale? Don’t worry. You don’t have to spend hours driving around to spot any “For sale” sign. Times have changed and you can find what you are looking for while you are having your favourite cup of coffee or taking time off work. You don’t have to contact a real estate agent if you want to find the most affordable and suitable condo. Today the internet offers a lot of information that was not previously accessible to home buyers, making your purchase decision so much easier.

In this article we will tell you where to start:

  • Check out the neighborhood:

Walking up and down a neighborhood is great, but time is a luxury that many people can’t afford. Instead, you can type the name of the neighborhood and see if the name comes up in the news. This will tell you a lot about what is going on in that particular area.

Some websites also offer information about the number of restaurants, grocery stores and shops available in a certain neighborhood. Once you are interested in a certain property, you can provide the exact address and the websites will offer the exact commuting time. You can also check the police department online website for crime rates in a certain area.

  • Check out the condo:

Once you are considering a certain condo, you need to dig in for some information. Check the tax payment data on the tax assessor’s website. You will find if the current owner was paying their taxes regularly and when was the condo last appraised. If the current owner is taking a homeowner’s exemption, your actual taxes might be lower.

Search for the property identification number and the name of the current owner. You might want to check their criminal and civil court records, too. If such information is not available online, you can still find a way to request this kind of public information.

Make sure that your unit was not listed or involved in any violations. If the current owner has requested a permit to change something, make sure that these changes were inspected and approved.

  • Check out all the possible financing options:

It is important to study all the loan possibilities. Don’t just depend on what your lender tells you. You must understand which type of loan you should look for and how it works.

An aware buyer with good internet connection can find the best Burnaby condos for sale easily and fast.




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