Convenient way for transportation

So, what happened when I was in Berlin? Well let me tell you. I saw a lot of great museums, eat some great food, I met some very interesting people, and I’ve learned a little something about vehicles that don’t use fossil fuels. You see, I kept seeing these amazing little scooters all around the town. Well, it turns out that they are made by UNU, and they make his electric scooters with the purpose of cultivating a healthy relationship between a person and their City. The scooters are pretty fordable, in fact they’re no more expensive than a regular scooter, except for the fact that they do not need oil and gas to run. All you have to do is take out the battery, which is quite light and portable, and plug it in for a couple hours every few days. That’s literally all it takes, and you have a perfect City driving vehicle that can take you everywhere. Not only that, but they will actually ask for your input on the product itself, they ask for what color and engine type you want, and then they make it for you. So instead of buying up from a bulk stock oh, you are actually getting to customize your own ride. I think that this is amazing. In the fact that this is available for under 3000 euro is amazing to me. Especially considering the fact that you’ll never have to get gas. He just plug it into the wall. I can’t describe how much hope this gives me for the future. I hope more companies do this. They were certainly very popular throw Germany, and I think that this type of invention, if not this exact one, is going to take the World by storm. I’d buy one, and I think you would too if you saw it. Gotta elektroroller kaufen! (buy a scooter!)


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