Get in Touch with Nature in Burnaby

Get in Touch with Nature in Burnaby

Burnaby4 is remarkable for having some outstanding natural locations. If you are fond of nature, then this is a must visit the place. Continue reading to find out more about the natural landscapes to visit while you are in town. You can hire a tour or go driving since it is a short trip.


The Mountain Park

To get to know the mountain park for real, you must visit it at least twice. Once during summertime, and the other one in winter. The sights you get from the top of the hill are impressive. To get the longest reach, you must visit it on a sunny day. The place is excellent for hiking or to enjoy a picnic if it is the summer.

On winter, you can enjoy the place full of white snow. It is a complete change compared to the mountain park in summer. Make sure to bring a thick coat, because it can be freezing. No matter the season, we guarantee you will get some amazing shots up there.

Deer Lake Park

If you plan for a picnic or a barbecue, the Deer Lake Park can be an excellent choice. It is a perfect Sunday gateway. For kids, this can be an incredible time since it has an area with a playground with swings. Going there for a hike and to breath pure air is 100% recommendable.

The Deer Lake Park is suitable for practicing canoeing. Some rentals offer boats and canoes you can hire so that you don’t have to take your gear. There are seabirds and turtles all around, so you will have the chance to live together with these animals.


Barnet Marine Park

Enjoy quality time at the beach with your family and pets. The Barnet Marine Park is one of the few places where dogs are allowed. You can have a picnic, or simply a walk along the seaside.


Lake Regional Nature Park

The Lake Regional Nature Park is full of wood ducks, blackbirds, mallards, and other species that will make it a paradise for people who watch birds. It is also a quick drive from Burnaby and an excellent gateway from the fast pace of the city. The landscape can steal your attention quickly, and you will not be able to stop walking around. This place is perfect to take loads of pictures of nature.

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