Lesser known facts about rocking chairs

Lesser known facts about rocking chairs

Rocking chairs in different places

Rocking chairs are fantastic as they not only provide comfort but also make you feel proud and elegant. You can find people rocking on their lawns on outdoor rocking chairs or you can see young boys and girl rocking for fun which shows that rocking chairs are favourites of people of all ages. As a matter of fact in a very short span rocking chairs have made a special place in rooms, patios and gardens.  But still there are few things which you may not know about rocking chairs.


Nobody knows about the invention of the first rocking chair but some people say that they were invented by Benjamin Franklin. He is also known for his invention of odometer, lighting rods and furnace stoves. However this invention has not been mentioned in history but one thing is true that rocking chairs has the roots of their origin in North America. Rocking chairs were launched in North America in the 18th century.

Various benefits

Most of the people enjoy rocking chairs because of the relaxing back and forth motion. It is also very commonly see a mother taking care of her baby while sitting on a rocking chair. As a matter of fact the curved rockers of these chairs make the person sitting on it maintain his centre of gravity and he is able to remain in balance. As a result there is reduction of stress in various points of your spinal cord.

Recent developments

The rocking chairs started as normal chairs that had rockers placed just to give relaxation to legs but these days you can see these rocking chairs in latest shapes and designs. You can find a wide variety of rocking chairs. These days’ rocking chairs are also made for use in therapies related to operation. Rocking chairs have been popular furniture for about 3 centuries. You can also find rocking chairs in the treatment of various medical problems and is highly recommended by doctors from all over the world.

Various uses

In the earlier times rocking chairs were mostly used in lawns and gardens due to which they became the favourite furniture for outdoor.  In the 18th century this furniture became the favourite porch furniture.  Soon after the rocking chairs became the favourite furniture in every room of the house.

These are some of the lesser known facts about rocking chairs that are informative as well as very interesting.


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