Personalized offers with Bluetooth Beacons

If you have started thinking about how your business can use beacons to increase sales, you’re probably aware of all the possibilities with personalization.


Basic facts

Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons are small devices that business owners can place in, and outside of, their stores. The point is to spread them out, and to let each beacon mark a territory; an area of your store. These devices will send out signals that can be picked up by smartphones. When a person enters an area where there’s a beacon, this particular beacon will let its presence be known to the phone, and, through it and platforms such as Eddystone, a whole number of things may happen. And what we’ll focus on here are all the possibilities of personalization.



If the user has agreed to it, his or her phone, and connecting cloud software, may send information back to the store. This could be all kinds of information about the client, such as previous sales history. But even if the client has no buying history with this particular store, beacons are useful. Even more useful, because they can get info about the prospect, and automatically deliver personalized offers based on the data they’re getting. A simple example is previous acts of interest. Let’s say a prospect that enters a store has expressed interest in a certain type of product, well this can be told the store computer, and offers can be made based on pre-set rules.


Hot zones

Beacons in the store, like the iBeacon, work together to discover what the prospect’s in-store choices are, or how his interests manifest themselves in the store. Just like WiFi heat map software, the beacons will map out the customer’s route through the store. This can be particularly interesting for certain types of stores, like supermarkets. As the client enters a particular zone, certain offers will appear, and these offers and not general offers, but always filtered with the customer’s data in mind.


Individuality and persuasion

And it this filtering, this window to individuality, which ultimately makes beacons so interesting. Because offers will be that much more efficient when they are focused and targeted. This has to do with content as well as the way the offer is presented. And it opens up many possibilities. Let’s say that the client likes a certain color, well offers may be used in that particular color. Or say that he likes a certain celebrity, well, what if just that celebrity presents the offer? The possibilities are endless and extremely fascinating.


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