Tips to Use Samsung gear 360

Tips to Use Samsung gear 360

As you presumably know the Samsung Gear 360 isn’t a typical camera; it’s a 360 degree camera and quite great one at that. Being a 360 degree camera accompanies a lot of chances to make astonishing pictures and make immersive video, notwithstanding it additionally exhibits a few difficulties that you most likely haven’t gone over some time recently.


  1. Get a tripod that doesn’t have a wide base.

The Gear 360 accompanies its own smaller than usual tri-case which is awesome in the event that you have a level surface like a table to put it on, yet else it is restricted. To have full control over the stature and position of the camera you require an appropriate full tallness tri-unit.


  1. Attempt and keep yourself and any items far from the focal points to maintain a strategic distance from terrible stitching.

The Samsung Gear 360 utilizations two fish eye focal points to catch every one of the 360 degrees of nature; it then lines these two pictures together to make a 360 degree picture or video that you can glance around. The stitching procedure isn’t impeccable shockingly and any items that are near both of the focal points will probably seem slashed into equal parts.

  1. Keep the lighting even on both focal points

Another issue with stitching happens when one of the Gear 360’s focal points is presented to the entire lighter that the other. For instance in the event that you taking a 360 photograph outside and one of the camera’s focal point was confronting specifically at the sun, while the other confronting into a shadow, one picture would seem much brighter than the other and this would make the stitching line self-evident.

  1. You might need to change the programmed clock.

You can program 3 second clock set for video and photograph, which means the camera, would beep 3 times after it had squeezed the shade before taking the photo. This can be valuable is a few circumstances yet it additionally prompt to a couple destroyed photographs before you understand you could change the clock to zero. This should be possible on the camera physically or utilizing the Gear 360 application on a Samsung Phone.

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